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We are in the process of moving to a new premises in Coalville. Our goal is to have the new barista training suite ready for courses from August 2023. However, until we have a firm completion date, we have suspended course bookings for the time being.

We sincerely apologise for the disruption and hope to make bookings available soon so watch this space!

For details about barista courses, please see sections below.

Barista Training Courses

We offer barista training courses for everyone that include a great mix of screen based learning, demonstrations, practical challenges and sharing our passion of coffee. We pride ourselves on making our courses fun and light-hearted as well as being engaging and informative. We hope that you leave us with not only your printed course guide, but also with good memories of the day and all the barista skills you wished to acquire!


£96 / half day

The Fundamentals of Making Great Coffee

Our Barista Essentials course is an informative half day introduction to the world of coffee and the skills required to set you on the road to being a top notch barista! When you leave us you will be armed with the basic skills and knowledge needed to start producing great espresso coffees (with continued practice of course!).

Course Content

An Introduction to Barista Terminology

We explain many commonly used terms and pieces of equipment that you will become accustomed to as your journey into the barista world continues.

The Coffee Grinding Process

Learning about the different types of coffee grinder available, grinder calibration and the dosing and packing process.

Extracting an Espresso

Learning how to achieve the perfect espresso extraction. Espresso is the base for most of your drinks in a barista’s arsenal so mastering the perfect extraction is essential.

Steaming & Texturing Milk

Covering the full milk steaming process and how to generate silky smooth micro-foam (used in all your milk based beverages).

Latte, Cappuccino & Americano

Learning how to make the three most commonly ordered drinks following the ‘professional beverage routine’. This draws all the skills you have learnt together as you will be grinding the coffee, extracting the espresso and steaming the milk to present the final beverages.


£180 / FULL DAY

Our full day course includes the Essential Barista

Take Your Skills To The Next Level

The Professional Barista course continues on naturally from our Barista Essentials course and takes you on a more in depth journey into the history of coffee and how to create our full ‘barista menu’ of beverages. You will leave this course with a good working knowledge of all the drinks from a coffee house menu as well as being equipped to discuss your passion and knowledge of coffee with your customers.

Course Content

About coffee

Learning about the history of coffee, growing & harvesting and the processing & roasting processes.

Full Barista Routine

Acquiring the skills to make a full ‘barista menu’ of beverages.

Practice Makes Perfect

This time is used to practice all the beverages learnt and take advice on how to improve your skills. You will finish with a practical ‘challenge’ to create a large order of drinks in a set time, helping you to streamline your skills.

Our team underwent the Basic & Advanced barista courses. I would feel confident to send anyone who has gone through the course in to a busy coffee shop, as the skills the course teaches are so relevant to being a quick & efficient barista while maintaining quality.
Drover Coffee
The barista course was excellent! Within a few hours we were making lattes & cappuccinos with confidence. You felt at ease with the training and able to work at your own pace.
I had a great day doing my barista course with Really Awesome Coffee. I received excellent coaching, patience & encouragement I received. Not only did I cope but did so with confidence. I think this investment was the best thing I did.
The training I received was second to none, it has given me the confidence to serve my customers consistently great quality drinks.
A very well organised barista course ran at a level and pace that was easy to follow, would 100% recommend.

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