Corby enjoys Really Awesome Coffee

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Name: Tessa Butler

Location: Corby


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to becoming a Really Awesome Franchisee?

I was a miserable Business Development Executive in Milton Keynes after being a secretary in London for nearly 18 years.


Why did you decide to run a business, why a franchise, why mobile coffee, and why Really Awesome Coffee specifically?

I had a coffee van visit my office in Milton Keynes which was the best part of my day. I thought his job was more fun than mine, but didn’t think any further about it for months. However, I started investigating online, then went to the National Franchise Show to have a look. I actually went with Really Awesome because the Discovery Day and training setup totally blew the competition out of the water – including my original coffee man!


Tell us a bit about your training at Head Office and your business launch.

Training was great! Very relaxed but totally informative and there is no question that hasn’t already been asked so I never felt like an idiot. Yes, I was nervous, but everyone put me at ease! Business launch happened three days before Coronavirus lockdown so probably a bit different from most people’s experiences!

How have you found the ongoing training and support?

Everything changed after lockdown, but there was always someone to help at Head Office, be it for general encouragement, practical advice or help with payment holidays or legislation advice. There was backup and support every step of the way.


How have you found things since the COVID-19 lockdown? Did you take any time off trading? How have you found your trading day differs? How have you found the advice and support from Head Office during this difficult period?

I took a week off and practised on my neighbours before heading out on limited local home deliveries. I now hold the Sidings Coffee Club every Saturday at 11 am. Reaction to home deliveries has been amazing. I hear adults and kids alike screaming when they see the van! The daily Costa was a massive part of life and now I get to be Father Christmas. People LOVE the van and the coffee. Head Office have done absolutely everything possible to help franchisees!


Do you think that your business will be stronger, weaker or no different in the long run following this crisis?

Well I’ll be stronger so that’s got to be a positive!


What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to invest in their first franchise?

Everyone told me it was hard work. It really is. Nothing can prepare you for exactly what that means. My advice would be to have an understanding family/partner with a steady job who doesn’t mind there being boxes, coffee, cups, cakes, receipts, bits of milk bottles, napkins, and small squashed marshmallows in every room of the house.

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