What's the difference between your conversions and Franchise Package?

The Franchise Package is a full business package which includes additional equipment, full business systems training & business set-up services that as well as ongoing support and guidance. The coffee van conversion service is simply the conversion of a high quality mobile coffee van but with none of the other add-ons.

Can I buy a mobile coffee van without being part of the Franchise Network?

Yes you can, we offer a bespoke coffee van conversion service that is not attached to our Franchise Network.

With the franchise option will I be restricted to trade in a geographical area?

No, we do not believe in restricting your potential customer base – it’s your business and you can trade wherever you see fit. We do, however, protect your regular customer list and as such franchise partners cannot poach customers from each other – we work together as a team, not as competitors.

What training do you provide if I just buy a coffee van and not a Franchise Package?

If you opt for the ‘coffee van only’ option then you will receive full training in the operation and functionality of your vehicle. If you purchase an Espresso machine or grinder from us training and set up is complimentary.

If I just buy a coffee van can I still pay you for the business set-up service to find my customers and establish my daily route?

Unfortunately not, these services are reserved for our Franchise Partners only.

If I buy a coffee van from you do I need to buy my supplies from you or can I purchase them elsewhere?

If you become a Franchise partner then you will be using our Really Awesome Coffee espresso blend. There is flexibility in relation to other products and we often help you source local products, ensuring they all meet our required quality standards. If just purchasing a coffee van then you are of course free to use any supplier you choose for any product.

Do I have to have a Really Awesome Coffee branded vehicle or can I have my own branding and design?

Franchised Really Awesome Coffee vehicles must carry the Franchise Network branding, as seen in many of the photos on this site. If solely purchasing a mobile coffee van then you may use your own branding as you see fit.We also offer a design service to help you with logo design, stationery and vehicle livery as an additional option.

Are there any ongoing fees to pay once I have purchased the coffee van?

The Management Services Fee for the support & benefits of being part of our franchise network is roughly equivalent to the ex VAT sale price of three cappuccinos per day. There are no ongoing fees if you are buying a coffee van independent of the franchise network, but of course none of the benefits either.

Your ongoing Management Service Fee for the Franchise Package is very low, why is this?

Although you will benefit hugely from our experience, operating & business systems and ongoing support you will be the person working hardest in your new business. We view our Management Services Fee as a fair contribution for our continued input and services, and have set the fee based on these factors rather than just choosing the highest amount we think we could get away with.

How does your EPoS System differ from the systems used in cafés & bars?

Our Really Awesome Coffee (RAPoS) is software is available to franchisees only. Instead of being designed to work with a typical cafe / bar set-up our EPoS software is designed specifically for the mobile catering industry. It distinguishes between different daily stops, has different pricing modes and records the data that is most useful to mobile caterers for analysis and business planning. It has numerous integrated functions designed specifically to give greater control and make life easier for mobile coffee and similar businesses. Please see the EPoS page for full details.

I'm not great with computers; can I still use your EPoS system?

Our EPoS System is extremely simple to operate and comes with full instructions, however, having a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is an advantage as you will pick things up a lot quicker.

What training do you provide for your EPoS System?

We will set up your initial products, sites and other variables for you and show you how to operate the system and run the reports. The software is very simple to use and we will make sure you are confident in its operation. Please note this is only available to franchise network partners.

Can I buy the touch screen terminal from you too?

We sell various hardware options and if we don’t sell the right hardware solution for you we can pass on details of other reputable suppliers.

How does your power system differ from a generator based conversion?

As well as having reduced storage space and costing typically over £10 a day more to run (almost £2500 per year), generator based conversions require either the generator to be running or to be hooked up to mains electric in order for the equipment to be powered and it is illegal to leave the vehicle unattended with the generator running. Our power system can run silently for over 8 hours (with unlimited trading also possible with the vehicle engine on tick-over) and you can happily leave the vehicle locked with all your equipment turned on and powered up. For details of other benefits and a fuller description please the Unique Power System page.

Will I need to buy LPG cylinders?

No. We install refillable LPG tanks under your vehicle that can be refuelled at any petrol station with an Autogas pump. This system is safer, more cost effective and takes up less space than using traditional LPG cylinders.

Are your vans fully certified and do they come with gas & electric certificates?

Yes. All our coffee vans are fully tested and come with 24 month electrical certification and 12 month LPG Gas certification.

How long will it take to convert my vehicle in to a mobile coffee van?

The time from taking a deposit to having your new coffee van ready for collection is usually around 4 weeks. Times can vary depending on our current workload, but we will always provide you with an accurate schedule before a deposit is taken.

Can you explain the various ways I can make money with my new coffee van?

You have a number of options. The method we have built our franchise system on involves servicing a number (15 – 30) regular customers / local businesses on a daily basis Monday – Friday providing gourmet coffees, chilled & hot food, cold drinks, confectionery and snacks. Weekend events & private functions can generate significant additional income and can even form the main basis of your business. Other options include static pitches in town centres and at busy local transport hubs.

I have my own ideas for the layout of my coffee van; can you work these in to the vehicle design?

Absolutely. You are the boss and we will happily convert your vehicle in the way that you require. We have lots of experience with mobile coffee vans and will provide guidance and suggestions, but you will have the final say.

Do I need a license or permit from my council before I can trade?

You may require a license depending on your particular style of trading and your local council’s own regulations. If you are joining us as a franchise partner then this is one of the many things that we will take care of for you to enable you to concentrate on the important tasks of looking after your customers and serving great coffee.

Does my coffee van need special insurance and where can I get it?

You will need catering vehicle insurance with Public, Product and Employers Liability Insurance as well as your standard road risks policy. Most event organisers will require copies of your policy schedules. We can assist you in arranging the proper insurances.

Is it possible to have a look at a Really Awesome Coffee van?

Absolutely, we are always happy to show you our vans and talk over the various different conversion options. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a time for you to pop over.

I like your solid rear awning; can I just have the awning fitted to a mobile coffee van I’ve bought elsewhere?

Unfortunately this is not currently a viable service for us to provide and the solid awnings are only available for our own franchise partners.

How do you take payment?

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, BACS payments and cheques / bankers drafts. We require a 50% upfront payment and the remaining 50% to be cleared in our account before your drive your new coffee van away.