Flexible, adaptable and profitable! Is this a genuine COVID-proof business?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, with my mum, sister, brother, and my partner all running small businesses… for them COVID-19 has been terrible, they’ve all had to either shut completely or make tough decisions and struggle through, often running at a loss.

For me, the experience has been different – hospitality and leisure closed down in March, and has just done so again, with the exception of delivery and takeaway services, and our whole business model is based around a takeaway service from a delivery vehicle (our bespoke Mercedes mobile cafés).

Whilst other businesses have struggled, and other hospitality businesses have been investing time and money to be able to offer takeaways and deliveries, we’ve simply seen a rise in demand for our services.

That’s not to say it hasn’t involved some hard work – our franchisees have had to adapt to incorporate our new home delivery service into their daily routine, as well managing the demand from schools, police stations, NHS premises and the like. However, for proactive franchisees who have been happy to adapt to the new landscape of demand, business has genuinely never been better!

A large portion of our franchisees are generating higher profits now than they were this time last year, and all 5 of the franchises we’ve trained and launched since lockdown eased in July are exceeding their target incomes.

Back in 2010, coming out of the last recession, we based the business model around being flexible and adaptable. In 2020, COVID-19 has provided us with some challenges, but ultimately has given us some great opportunities for development and increased earnings.
With more redundancies and people having time to consider their futures, we’ve also seen a rise in demand for franchises, and are now booking franchise launches for February 2021.

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work (all new businesses need some hard work in their first year) and you think that you might enjoy running your own mobile cafe, then I’d love to explain the model to you in greater detail on one of our virtual Discovery Days.

Maybe I’ll speak with you soon?
Kevin Haswell
Founder & Managing Director