Franchise Discovery Day

Franchise Discovery Day


           Wednesday 29th May 2024 – 6:30pm – Virtual – Fully Subscribed

           Saturday 8th June 2024 – 10:00am – Virtual

            Monday 24th June 2024 – 6:30pm – Virtual

            Saturday 6th July 2024 – 10:00am – Virtual

Find out more about our franchise opportunity and discover Really Awesome Coffee at our upcoming Virtual Franchise Discovery Presentation. Enjoy a relaxed, no-obligation and informal presentation designed to help you learn about the franchise opportunity in more detail. By joining our Virtual Franchise Discovery Presentation you will be able to understand more about our business model, have a virtual tour of the Really Awesome Coffee van, receive more information about the financial investment involved, and discover why our franchise may be the perfect fit for you. 



Explore a day in the life of a franchisee


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We Make The Best Coffee Vans in the UK !

We decided to convert our own vehicles when we could not find anywhere in the UK that could build them to the required quality and specification. Our franchised vans are worked on by qualified industry specialists and cabinet makers, and we did not feel it appropriate to outsource the construction of the most important asset to a coach-builder or catering trailer fabricator. Instead of relying on external companies we keep expertise in-house and miss out the middle man to keep a tight control on quality and provide better value for money for our franchisees.

 What you will discover? 

  • How the franchise business model works
  • What training/support you will receive
  • How we find your customers and launch your business
  • A virtual tour of the Really Awesome Coffee van
  • What financial investment is involved
  • The returns you can expect to make

Customer App Discovery Day logoAre you right for us? 

  • Are you a ‘people person’ who’s easy to talk to?
  • Can you get up in the morning with a smile?
  • Are you self-motivated with a ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude?
  • Are you tired of being stuck behind a desk?
  • Do you have staying power?
  • If so We’d Love to Hear From You!


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The Discovery Presentaiton is virtual – can we come and see you in person? 

Before COVID we held Discovery Days at our Head Office every month, which was great and very enjoyable, however it meant peope needed to give up their full Saturday to come nad see us. Once we started the VIrtual Discovery Presentations we never looked back – they are super convenient for you and for us, and we are still able to give you more than enough information for you tojusge whether you’d like to take the next steps… one of which would be to come and see us in person.

We genuinley love to have porpsoective new franchisees come to see us so that we can show off the coffee vans and ply you with coffees, hot chocolates, frappes & milkshakes!

I hope you enjoy the vitrual presentation, and fingers crossed we’ll meet to meet you in operson as well 🤞

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Franchise Discovery Day meeting

It answered all my questions about the costs and what the potential earnings are, the van was amazing and it was great to hear from a franchisee.
Ian - Northampton
It gave me a good sense of what my work-life balance would be - it was a good evening, glad I went.
Dave - Fareham
Really Awesome Coffee has a family feel that you don't appreciate until you come to one of their Discovery Days! It was fun, I learnt lots and it helped me make the right decision.
Alex - Coleshill
Everyone I have encountered within Really Awesome Coffee seem really genuine and passionate about the brand.
The whole process of starting up was open and honest.
A real pleasure to work with.
Henrik - Leicester West