Start your mobile café business for just £6,500

Since the first COVID lockdown we have seen a surge in enquiries about our mobile café franchise. This is partly down to our ability to continue to trade during COVID, partly down to the increase in demand our franchisees are seeing for the services they provide, and partly due to the increased number of people exploring new opportunities after a redundancy or simply having had time to reflect on their outlooks whilst on furlough. 

We are excited to announce the new lower initial minimum investment of £6,500 to get started on your journey as a franchise partner with Really Awesome Coffee. Franchisees still get the same value from joining our network, but the lower initial cost has opened up the opportunity to many more people. 

If you have been in touch with us previously, but felt that the initial finance required was too high, we would love to hear from you again.


Virtual Discovery Days

COVID pushed our monthly Discovery Days online, and in doing so we have been able to host more of them – our MD, Kevin Haswell, now hosts Virtual Discovery Day events roughly every 10 days (every third Saturday morning, and every third Wednesday evening).

You can book on to one of these virtual events here.


New Franchise Partners

We have welcomed 18 new franchises since March 2020, and 5 franchisees have also been able to expand (launching additional coffee vans), bringing our total network size to over 75 franchised coffee vans trading across the UK! 

Mike in Milton Keynes has added his 4th & 5th van, John in Lanarkshire a 2nd & 3rd van, Peter in Ballymoney has launched 2nd & 3rd van, Paul in Dunstable has expanded from 1 van to 4, and Yousif in Highgate has added a 3rd van to his fleet.

The COVID-19 pandemic, redundancies, and a change to working environments have been the  main driving factors for most of our new franchise partners to join the network. 

If you see yourself running a Really Awesome Coffee business and would like to find out more about our franchise opportunities, please get in touch via our website (, email (,  or phone (0800 043 0271).