The Golden Rule Of Running A Successful Coffee Franchise

When a lot of people are looking for small-scale businesses to run, setting aside industries, market sectors and organisational structures, typically they can fall into one of three categories.

The first is to take part in a business that they do not have any passion for but know is a worthwhile endeavour and can ultimately pay the bills. These sorts of businesses can work as a side hustle or self-employment opportunity but ultimately the grind can take its toll.

The second is a passion project and a labour of love that brings a lot of satisfaction and a person can pour their heart and soul into, but also one that can take a lot of time to get off the ground, often far more time than an ordinary person with a life and family can afford to risk.

However, there is a potential third option, one that is less of a shot in the dark compared to starting a business based on a passion project but also one that fulfils that same role of being the perfect business for the right type of person, and that is joining up a franchise.

Being part of a network of successful businesses such as coffee franchises can through these numbers provide a more secure platform and set of resources to start and successfully run a small business.

However, whilst a franchise is a solid investment that creates a platform that can help you succeed and give you advice on planning, sourcing, preparation and ultimately serving fantastic coffee wherever you are needed, ultimately there is one golden rule that separates success from failure.

You have to have passion for what you do.

Whilst the unnamed “old timer” that Professor Arthur Szathmary was quoting when he mentioned the idea that you never work a day if you find something you love to do was not entirely right, it is true that passion will make every single working day worth it.

Ironically, you will likely start your franchise working harder than you may have ever done before, but passion will give you that boost to get off of the blocks with an extra spring in your step, will uplift you when times are tough and will make the best of times feel a little bit sweeter.

Passion also helps when it comes to business resilience. After all, people fight hard for their dreams, are often reluctant to give up at the first sign of choppy waters and are rewarded when their dreams ultimately fight for them.

Passion is what makes you source the best beans, find the best mixes, and ensure that you do the utmost to add an extra spark of joy to each customer’s day and get an extra spark from them in return.

It is essential to have passion, but it is also at the same time important to recognise that passion alone is a very intense emotion, and it needs to be balanced by hard work and being cognisant of the facts surrounding your endeavours to ensure you do what is right for your business in the long term.