What Are The Bonuses Of A Coffee Shop On The Go?

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Nobody goes into the coffee business unless they love their daily caffeine hit, but as well as the aroma, taste and kick of their morning brew, there is lots more to love from a mobile coffee franchise – perhaps even more than running a traditional coffee shop.

Lower costs

One of the biggest pros has to be the lower costs involved in mobile coffee vans, in comparison with a cafe that requires rental fees, energy bills and indoor seating. 

With a mobile business, there are no overheads, such as rents, so franchisees can keep more of their profit. 

Unsurprisingly, there is a lower cost of entry too, so you can expect to pay thousands of pounds less to run a franchise of a mobile coffee van as opposed to a store from a big chain. 

During the cost-of-living crisis, entrepreneurs are less likely to want to completely empty their bank account investing in a franchise, so being able to sign up to a business while still keeping some cash at hand is a much preferred option. 

Location, location, location

The risk of having a bricks and mortar cafe is that business owners are totally reliant on the location and its passing traffic. Therefore, having a premise you can’t move around poses a bigger risk. 

However, a mobile van means you can follow the customers wherever they may be. 

Moving to different sites throughout the day adds an element of variety to work and, as the adage goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’. By being able to move around, see different people and be in varying locations, you will never get bored. 


Another benefit of having a coffee van franchise is that coffee fans can hire you for their functions. This gives you the chance to be part of special events, including weddings, corporate do’s, or family gatherings, which is always a nice feeling, as well as benefiting from the income generated by large crowds at sporting events, festivals and trade shows.

Having the opportunity to target different people and events in one day is certainly not something you’d be able to do if you ran a cafe, which can often be quiet at various points during the day.