Why Coffee Makes For Tasty Business!

There’s nothing quite like going into business for yourself and there’s a huge amount to be said for being your own boss, giving yourself the freedom to keep your own hours and to do something you truly love.

But which industry to consider setting up shop in? Which sector is particularly welcoming for small businesses and startups? If these are questions that you’re currently asking yourself right now, you might want to consider what opportunities exist for you in the wonderful world of coffee.

As hot beverages go, coffee is perennially popular and it’s an incredibly versatile product that can be tailored to suit a wide range of different demographics, so you’ll find you have an endless stream of customers flocking to you day by day.

Although the UK has built up a reputation for itself as being something of a tea-loving nation, it seems that there has been a change in the water over the years and it’s now one of the biggest coffee-consuming countries in Europe.

Figures from the British Coffee Association show that in 2021, us Brits enjoyed an impressive 98 million cups of coffee each day, up from the 28 million cups consumed in 2008… so there’s certainly a slice of a rather sizeable pie up for grabs.

In terms of initial outlay and investment, you can also start your new venture off relatively quickly without the need to find a bricks and mortar store by taking your drinks on the road and providing customers with a mobile coffee bar

Carrying your business on your back means there are endless opportunities for exposure and diversification – and you’re sure to enjoy your job even more if you’re not tied to one spot. Being able to take your products to where the customers are will prove invaluable and, before you know it, you’ll be the next big thing on the coffee-drinking scene.


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