Why Mobile? The Flexibility of Van-Based Businesses

Mobile businesses have been around for as long as we can remember, and food trucks and ice cream vans have been mainstays in this sector. Well, in 2010, Really Awesome Coffee decided that coffee shops should also be on wheels, without the restrictions and risks bricks-and-mortar cafés have to contend with!

For most people the idea of launching their own business is challenging and understandably so; with any new venture comes a level of uncertainty and risk. Once you have made the decision to take the route of franchising, the process of researching and selecting the right franchise model for you is crucial. The first questions that you need to ask yourself are ‘what are my objectives/goals’ and ‘how much do I need to invest’?

The first, and major, benefit of a mobile business is that it’s generally understood that most van-based businesses run from the franchisee’s home (at least initially), so the challenge of finding suitable office or retail space along with the overhead costs of a premises is eliminated. As a start-up company, avoiding these overheads is a huge advantage and reduces some of the risk.

Secondly, while a van itself may appear to be a significant investment, the franchise businesses operating in the mobile market are usually lower cost opportunities. However, this does not mean low earnings. We have seen our South Lanarkshire franchise partner achieve earnings within their first year of trade to enable them to add a second, and then a third coffee van.

With a mobile franchise business, your vehicle ultimately becomes your place of business. There is no requirement for expensive premises or the need to hire staff, helping to keep overheads low whilst creating excellent profit levels. A van franchise also gives you the flexibility of adapting your business to suit your lifestyle and vice versa. During the COVID-19 lockdown, most of our franchise partners adapted to offering home deliveries, again proving the flexibility of a van based business.

If you are someone with an outgoing personality, if you like meeting new people and travelling, then you should consider van based franchising. Not only does this provide you with a flexible business model, but with lower overheads you can often generate higher profits. If expansion is on your mind, then a van based business provides ample opportunity to achieve this, with it often being relatively simple to add a vehicle to your fleet.

So, in summary, a van-based business can often offer a more affordable avenue into self-employment, with the added benefits of flexibility and adaptability, alongside reduced risks compared to those associated with a fixed premises enterprise.

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